A Man Named Nelson Mandela

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Nelson Mandela committed his life to fight racial injustice in his country of South Africa. Mandela’s passion for justice led him to become an anti-apartheid activist, a politician and the first black president of South Africa. In his 20’s Mandela joined and later led the African National Congress.

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For many years he campaigned for nonviolent and peaceful resistance to the South African government. His fight against the National Party of South Africa caused Mandela to spend 27 years in prison. In 1993 Mandela won the Nobel Peace Prize for the years of effort he devoted to ending apartheid. Even though Nelson Mandela is best known for his work for peace and humanity, it wasn’t until he accepted acts of violence that he was able to bring positive change to his country.

Nelson Mandela was born on July 18th, 1918, in a small village called Mvezo, by the river in Transkei, South Africa. As an infant Mandela’s family was forced to move Qunu after his father, who was a counselor to tribal chiefs, lost his fortune and his title to the colonial magistrate. Qunu was a small town with no roads, said by Biography.com, where people lived in huts and ate local harvest. This is where Mandela would be baptized in the Methodist church. Mandela also became the first person to attend school in his family. At the age of nine, Mandela’s father died of lung disease and his life took a dramatic turn. Nelson was adopted by Chief Jongintaba Dalindyebo. After being adopted he moved to Mqhelezezweniz.

Once Nelson moved to Mqhelezezweniz he was given the opportunity for more education. He took classes near the palace where he lived. This is where he learned and became interested in African history. Mandela went to several schools including the Wesleyan mission school, the Clarkebury Boarding Institue and Wesleyan College. In 1939, Mandela attended the prestigious University College of Fort Hare for blacks where he focused on law.

Nelson Mandela married three times during his life and had six children.

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