A Letter To Odyssey

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Thank you. Those words seem too small to say to someone so influential and heroic in my life. From comic books to the Special Olympics, heroes are everywhere. To be a hero, one must be admired for his or her attributes, achievements, and qualities of leadership, kindness, optimism, and humility. Although you might not be as strong as Odysseus in Homer’s Odyssey, you share many similar traits with him and his kind-hearted wife Penelope. By having these qualities, you have significantly impacted my life. Not only are you my inspiration, but you are also my hero.

It goes without saying that heroes are usually depicted as people with special powers, ranging from super strength to invisibility. However, your special powers include cheering me along…to keep [my] courage up (Homer 370). Odysseus battles a Cyclops with his soldiers and constantly cheers them on with encouraging statements, and like him, you always encouraged your grandkids to keep working and never give up. When I was having trouble keeping up in my martial arts class, you made me practice every day and even spar with you, and eventually, I improved greatly, surpassing my peers. You endured many hardships in your life and still kept going. After losing the Vietnam War, you were separated with your family and held captive in prison by the communist Vietcong for 13 years. By the time you reunited with your family in the United States, all your children matured and viewed you as a stranger. Your daughter was about to marry my dad. Your sons were all in college, preparing for their medical doctorates and engineering degrees. Yet you still tried to be the best father and husband possible and eventually, you did. You burned the fire in me a little bit brighter, and helped me discover that I can exceed my expectations as well as other people’s expectations of me.

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