A Huge Impact of Alexander the Great

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Alexander the Great was born on July 20th, 356 B.C., in Pella, Macedonia. His dad was King Philip II, and his mother Olympias, who was one of Philip’s eight wives. It was said and encouraged then, that he was the child of something holy.

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That everything he would do would be impactful and contain great power. That he was from the gods. His father would be one of the most influential people in his life, making sure that his education was prioritized. That meant being tutored by the infamous Aristotle. Just because his father was gone conquering land and halting revolts, doesn’t mean he was absent in making sure his son had the tools he needed to succeed. Having access to such high education gave him knowledge that was influenced with logic, culture, philosophy, music, and more. What Aristotle gave him were lessons he would later use to help him conquer, and take control over empires, all while preserving the unique cultures along the way.

Sometime in 336, Alexander’s father was assassinated. Alexander was now head of operations. He quickly took control and killed the alleged murderer of his father, and managed to kill major groups that hated him, and his rivals. Traveling south and a few acts of heroism later, he was made “generalissimo” for the future invasive attack on Asia that he created. He continued to travel and conquer during his reign and was said to be invincible. He forced into the Shipka Pass, destroyed Triballi, made way through the Danube to then separate into the Getae. Continued onward to crush the coalition of Illyrians who made way into his territory.

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