A Huge Effect Of The Declaration of Independence

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The Declaration of Independence is one of the most well known documents that Americans know of today, this document has been the source behind many great achievements, not only in 1776 but those 2018. The primary purpose of the Declaration was not to declare the colonists independence, but to proclaim to the other countries the reasons behind declaring independence. The Framers wanted to invite the world to hear what they had to say about their ties with Britain.

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The Declaration of Independence has impacted everyone’s lives on a daily basis, this document is the reason people can live in harmony, it creates a balance between the people and what they want in government. David Armitage said in his article that the audience of the Declaration is mankind (Armitage). The Framers not only had to include those who might have been cast offs with their former alliances to the British crown (Armitage).

The Declaration tells the world what the Framers believed was the proper way to govern people, while not everything that comes out of the document leads to prosperity immediately, it created the basis of the United State, providing the future with a chance to come along and make changes. This document was intended to lay out the causes which compelled the colonies to declare independence from Great Britain. To show that they were serious about gaining their freedom, and stating they were prepared to backup their claims they made against Great Britain. This document had a huge effect, not only in the seventeen hundreds, but into today.

While making the Declaration, several key concepts were invented to protect the people such as having natural rights, establishing universal truths when they didn’t have them before, the knowledge of who was in control of the county also known as popular sovereignty and lastly social contract theory. These concepts were a peaceful way of making the colonies a country and being able to adapt as a country overtime, with the encouragement of change and growth of the people.

Breaking ties with Britain

The Framers drafted the Declaration during the American Revolution. During this time there was a revolt of Britain’s thirteen American colonies against rule of the British Crown. According to the Big Ideas Simply Explained: The Politics Book, by Dorling Kindersley Publishing, explains the reasoning that the Framers had for wanting to abolish ties with Britain (Dorling Kindersley Publishing 157). The book explains that by 1763 the British had won a series of wars against France for possession of the colonies (Dorling Kindersley Publishing 157). These wars eventually depleted the British funds, since the huge cost of the wars (Dorling Kindersley Publishing 157). The Parliament needed to come up with money; they achieved this by taxing the Framers.

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