A History Of Anneliese Marie Frank

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Chapter One : Being born in Germany

On June 12 , 1929 a miracle was born named Anneliese Marie Frank also known as Anne Frank . The daughter of Edith Hollander Frank and Otto Frank, a businessman of a small company that made a
jelly substance to make jam . She also had an elder sister named Margot .

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The Franks were an average family they weren’t rich , but they weren’t poor either. For the beginning of her life she lived in an apartment in Frankfurt, Germany with her parents and her sister after the Nazis annexed power in 1933 , Otto Frank fled to Amsterdam in the Netherlands where he had business connections says Holocaust Encyclopedia.Later on the rest of the Franks followed with Anne being the last of the family to arrive in February 1934 because she was staying with her grandparents in Aachen.

Chapter Two: The Secret Annex

Anne went to a school called Montessori school in Amsterdam. 1933, Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany . When Hitler was elected as chancellor everything changed Jews were restricted from their rights such as: going to school, shopping at most stores, and from taking public transportation.Hitler and his Nazi government aimed to victimize Germany’s Jewish citizens.The same year Hitler was elected Otto Frank moved to Amsterdam. Now staying behind with her grandmother in Aachen, Germany who later on joined her parents and sister Margot ( 1926-45) in the Dutch capital in February 1934.

July 1942 ,Margot received a letter ordering her to report to a labor camp in Germany. That’s when the Frank family fled to hiding in Otto F. business in Amsterdam . Later on the family were joined by several others who were Herman van Pels who worked for Otto’s company , his wife Auguste and their son Peter along with Fritz Pfeffer, an acquaintance to the Frank family . Anne writes to her imaginary friend , Kitty about her stay in the annex . Austrian born secretary, Miep Gies risked her life to take care of them along with many others .

Chapter Three: Life coming to an end

25 months living in the annex the families were captured there were exposed by an unknown person . According to Anne Frank’s Guide Miep Gies, secretary , quoted that It was the fourth of August . It was quiet in the office . We were working and I happened to look up. The door opened and a small man entered. He pointed the revolver in his hand at me and said ?Stay seared! Don’t move!’ Of course I was frozen with fear . He closed the door and left again. I couldn’t see or hear what happened after that because I was ordered to stay at my desk .

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