A Growing Epidemic Of Homelessness

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Homelessness is a growing epidemic that is happening all over the globe. Most people often look away when they come to a stoplight or pretend to be on the phone when they see a homeless person asking for money because they believe they won’t use the money in a wholesome way. Although there’s a risk that homeless people might use the money on illegal substances, we should always give homeless people money because 74% of homeless people are not drug abusers according to the National Coalition for the Homeless (1), those that are homeless need the money to support themselves and get by, and the media’s stereotypes should not dictate the actions homeless people actually make.

Firstly, there’s a common misconception that the homeless population is filled with drug and substance abusers. Karel Hnilica and Veronika Bartuskova are both Czechoslovakian writers that work in the editorial office of a psychological institute, and state in their journal titled Stereotypes, Moral Stands and General Priority, There’s a scale of generalized prejudice towards homeless people being drug abusers??¦ and conservatives will be of the opinion that the state should not provide assistance to these groups because they do not deserve it.(1) This explains that most of the public does stereotype these people without being fully knowledgeable that some do not do drugs.

On the other hand, there’s the 26% of homeless people that have admitted to using drugs (1) according to the National Coalition for the Homeless. Understandably, those that have used substances have explained that it helps cope with the hunger, coldness, and the depression that comes along with homelessness. The Australian National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing stated, Drugs that are available on the streets do have a reputation for helping to numb any emotions that one would have when undergoing any type of trauma. (1) Nonetheless, this is not giving people an excuse for narcotics abuse; however, at the end of the day people have choices that they make whether that’s the right choice or the easy choice. Some might even assume that it’s the same and that may be the case for those that are insolvent.

Additionally, there are reports of homeless people trying to quit drugs, but simply cannot because that’s all they have. An article from Nicotine & Tobacco Research titled Cigarette Purchasing Patterns, Readiness to Quit, and Quit Attempts Among Homeless Smokers said, Findings suggest that cigarette purchasing patterns are linked with the readiness to quit smoking among smokers who are homeless. (1526) This can possibly be the case for those that use drugs or even smoke cigarettes. It’s an addiction few can overcome alone, but also adding homelessness on top of it, it’s very rare to hear those that can achieve sobriety.

Although, there’s a percentage that use drugs, there still leaves that other percentage of people that can be contributing members of society but probably aren’t because they aren’t financially stable. While there is still an amount that do,

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