A fast-growing area of crime – cybercrime

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Cyber-crime is a fast-growing area of crime, with more criminals exploiting the convenience, speed and anonymity of the Internet in committing different criminal activities without either physical or virtual boarders, and causing harm and significant threats to small businesses, corporations and government agencies.

In recent times, our society is increasingly relying on the internet and other information technology tools to engage in personal communication and conduct business activities among other several benefits. While these developments allow for enormous gain in productivity, Crime has remained elusive and ever strives to disguise in the face of development and it is certain that a nation with high crime incidence cannot grow or develop because crime is the direct opposite of development, which leaves a negative social and economic consequence. In the past, cyber-crimes were mostly committed by individuals or small groups. Today, highly complex cybercriminal networks bring together individuals from across the globe in real time to commit crimes in an unprecedented scale.

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Cybercrimes are growing and evolving crime that is taking place all over the world, it is described as new ways of committing familiar crimes of different kinds involving; economic crime, intellectual property infringement, identity theft and privacy violation. The common feature in cyber-crime is the use of information technology in its commission. This research analyses the effect of cyber-crime incidents in Nigeria.

Keywords/Phrases: Cyber- crime, Anonymity, Criminal activities, Identity theft, Privacy violation, Information technology.


Information technology can be referred to as the study, design, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems. The internet technology has changed the way people think about the world. It has enhanced communication, thereby promoting global businesses. With the advancement of technology, there has also been an increased growth in computer-based crimes resulting from the action of fraudsters.

Cybercrime is a new trend that is gradually growing as the internet continues to penetrate every sector of our society and no one can predict its future. Cyber-crimes are cyber enabled crimes which could be financial crimes, stolen identity, privacy violation and advanced high- tech crimes which are usually sophisticated attacks against computer software and hardware. Cyber related crime is on the increase as the internet has become vital to commerce, governance and entertainment. With the adoption of internet in the Nigeria, occurrences and effects of cybercrime were felt and continue to be felt on a large scale. The infrastructure used by cyber criminals are computers, communications and network technologies.


The purpose of this research is to examines the negative effects of the technological advancements, focusing on the effect Cyber-Crime Incidents on Information Technology and Business in Nigeria. Cybercrime manifest in various ways such as loss of life, loss of dignity and loss of employment.

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