A Disease Of Henrietta Lacks

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Invading Doctors and Desperate Scientist

Are doctors invading our body? When you go to the doctor you don’t know what they’re doing all they tell you is you’ll get examined but they don’t tell you exactly how. This happened to a young lady named Henrietta Lacks. They took a sample from her body and from there it was chaos. There were miracles but there was also devastation. It is essential to know what is going on in your body and also what doctors are doing to it.


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In the book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, a journalist and family go through a journey where they find out the importance of consent and their knowledge of medical complications.

Part I: Life. Henrietta had a feeling there was something down in her cervix area. She would bleed on days that she wasn’t on her menstrual cycle, she worried that this was something serious. She married her cousin day and had many kids. She later went to the doctor and was misdiagnosed with a tumor which ended up to be cancer. She did not tell any of her family about this she went back and forth to the hospital for treatment. The doctors took samples of Henrietta’s cancer cells without her consent and tested it against many diseases. Henrietta cells were the first ever human cells to ever survive under lab conditions perfectly healthy and reproduce. Henrietta was very fun, generous, and hard-working. She cared so much about her physical appearance especially her nails. Her cousin Sadie said that Henrietta would always keep her nails and toenails covered with fresh red nail polish. Henrietta was later hospitalized and the doctors did not allow her kids to visit her because it made her worry too much. Rebecca Skloot had contacted Deborah, Henrietta’s youngest daughter, about writing a book on her mother. Deborah was told to not tell Skloot any information so she had to go straight to the husband day but he did not want to give any information either. Later on, Rebecca got in contact with a woman named Courtney hello Courtney could not give much information she did show her an extraordinary documentary.

Part II: Death. While collecting samples of Henrietta’s organs Mary, Gey’s assistant, sees the chipped nail polish on Henrietta’s toes and at that time she realizes that these cells come from an actual human being. Mary feels regret and remorse for this being because she can imagine her having fun and spending her time painting her toenails. A vaccine for polio was made with the help of Hela cells by Dr. Jonas Salk. Hela cells were then the first cells to be shipped by mail. Hela cells influence many things such as polio vaccine,

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