A Discrimination Problem and Politics

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Harry Truman gives the White House’s first televised presidential speech, urging his fellow citizens to respond to the global problem of food production by imposing certain restrictions. The growing popularity of television will quickly have an impact on the evolution of social and political life in the United States and around the world. During the GATT era, demonstrating the growing ability of countries to trade with each other and take advantage of the benefits of trade.

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However, Kennedy was also working on building a trust for the whole marketing system to make advertising and economic in general. Moreover, the business corporation started to be more creative. It was almost like a new revolution that began with changing many people concept of advertising, such as adding humor, optimism, candor and it was likely to be irony.

Government of Alabama decided to define the limits of the city when in reality it was the right to vote in local elections, many black citizens who lived in the neighborhoods affected by the new of urban boundaries . Federal invalidated a provision of the California Constitution that prohibited all state interference in the right of the individual to refuse to sell or rent his property to any other, it means authorizing racial discrimination in the internal market. The State of Louisiana in which it was obliged to include the race of each candidate next to his / her name in the candidacy proposals and in the electoral ballots. Even in some cases of “hidden or covert discrimination” against color people.

For the first time in history,

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