A Devastative Gulf War

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The Iran-Iraq war, also known as the Gulf War lasting from 1980 until 1988 caused a lot of devastation for all countries involved. There were over 500,000 causalities combined. It was the beginning of chemical weapons being used in the middle east. This war embraced western intervention and encouraged foreign policy change.

The conflict began when Iraq was greedy for more oil, and wanted to take over the oil industry in the middle east. Iraq wanted to conquer more territory in order to have easier access to the gulf. Therefore, they decided to attempt to neutralize Iran, their neighbor. Iraqs president at this time was Sadaam hussein . He lacked military experience, he did not use strong sustainable military tactics, executed many generals, and over estimated the power and strength of his army. Iraq invaded Iran in seven different areas, all areas strategically decided. The tacts that Iraq used were successful in smaller areas, but proved to be not as successful in large citifies. Iraq invaded Iran with a five to one military power ratio and used very advanced weapons at first. After just 48 hours, Iran began to fight back.

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This attack was shortly after the Iranian revolution. This is one reason that Iraq decided to attack Iran. Unfortunately for Iraq, Iran was stronger than ever after the revolution, and people came together to fight against their countrys enemy. Iran used local civilian resistance at first, and did not rely on advanced weaponry. Iranians began a self sacrifice war. Citizens of all ages joined the military, and although they lacked training, their love for the country proved to be enough. Irans president was Hewhemi Rafsajani. This man was recruited from the military and had gained a lot of respect during and after the revolution. Rafsanjani could n to only simplify complex military tactics, but he was also thought to be a genius.
In 1985, the war of cities began. The war of cities consisted on both Iran and Iraq firing missiles into each others population, and on August 12, 1986, Iraq bombed Irans oil-loading facilities.

After only a short period of time Iraq realized that Iran was begging to win.

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