A Data Integrity Issue

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Internet is backbone for data storage, access and transfer. According to some reports and IBM confirmed that information transfer and data generation has increased, in 2018 alone 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is being generated daily across multiple devices all connected through internet (Marr, 2018).

So, considering this huge data accessed across multiple devices, data being the valuable resource for government and other organization to perform, which add more vulnerable access points. Data integrity means making sure the validity, accuracy and trustworthiness of the information is maintained throughout the data lifecycle. Protecting data against the breaches and attacks is the utmost importance, to maintain and ensure customer trust in the business. Improperly maintaining and handling huge data is also considered risk when exposed to several factors including software bugs, human error, virus, provisioned access to the database. Data manipulation is one of the major risks involved during data breaches. Incorrect data reduces the efficiency and also decreases the confidence on that organization.

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The ultimate goal for a data breach can be data manipulation, to compromise the accuracy of the data rendering it useless and introducing fabricated events doubting very existence of reality. The industries which are badly traumatized with these breaches belong to all domains — communication or social media, healthcare financial institutions, military, utilities, technology, transportation, etc,.

Though data breaches are inevitable and often happen, but it matters how much information is compromised during the attack. Just consolidating, data breached in 2015, shows that more than 100 million patient records are compromised in the data breach. Healthcare is highly susceptible for the data breaches because the nature of data sensitivity. Accuracy in patients record is highly required, Think of a situation where patients medical events have been partially or fully modified. So a patient record with a chronic illness has been modified to a common flu and is treated accordingly or it can be vice versa. That could lead to serious issues w.r.t patients health stats and could lead to disastrous event. Major responsible lies with the healthcare/hospitals to deploy strong defense systems against these kinds of attacks.

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