A Crucial Regarding To The Holocaust

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On July 6, 1942, Annelies Marie Frank left the comfort of her home, she and her family were forced into hiding to live in an attic with the Van Pels family. Adolf Hitler, Chancellor of the German Reich, had forced the relocation of jews to concentration camps and encouraged his fellow Germans to kill all jewish people. Anne Frank and her family remained in hiding to 2 years until 1944 when they were discovered, apprehended and sent to concentration camps.

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Unfortunately, Anne, her mother, and sister didn’t survive what came to be known as the Holocaust. But Anne Frank did not go unknown, she left one of the most important and crucial documents–her diary. Anne’s diary gives us a first hand account of what it was like to be Jewish during the Holocaust.

Even though Anne Frank was going through one of the most violent situations in the history of the world, she was still a typical teenage girl. Her diary not only included the horrors of war but everyday problems of being a teenager. She wrote about a boy she liked named Hello, she talked about problems at school and how she disliked some of her teachers. She described her everyday life, her fathers job–an ordinary life. That was soon about to completely change.

Thanks to her diary, we are able to understand the tension and anguish the jewish felt on the days leading up to their capture or hiding. For Anne’s family it was July 4, 1942 when their life changed. Margot, Anne’s 16 year old sister received a letter ordering her to report to a work camp in Germany.

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