A Comparison of Microsoft Windows and Apple Inc. Mac OS

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An Operating system is software that manages a computer’s functions, it is the most important piece of software on a computer. The Operating system is in charge of managing all software and hardware within the system. A significant responsibility of an Operating system is to manage different components of the system.

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Some of these components include: CPU or Central Processing Unit, memory, storage, and Input Output (I/O) devices. An Operating system can determine a user’s experience and capabilities with their chosen system. Two of the most popular Operating systems today are created by Microsoft and Macintosh. While there are numerous versions of each of the Operating systems Microsoft Windows and Mac OS continue to be two of the most prominently utilized today. This paper will give you a comparison of different components of the two Operating systems. Windows and Mac OS both serve the same purpose and execute the same core function, the goal is to see the differences in the execution of these

Apple’s Mac OS was first released in 1984 to serve as the Operating system for their line of personal computers. When released the marketing for the Operating system focused on the ease of use unlike any other personal computer (PC) at the time. The user interface was graphically based compared to typing commands directory paths at text prompts, users used a mouse to navigate Finder which housed icons representing folders and files. This inspired most computers to move to the GUI or Graphical User Interface that we are accustomed to today. Later versions of Mac OS offered features like file sharing over the Internet, network browsing, and multiple user accounts. Apart from a brief period in the early 1990s when Apple licensed Microsoft to use parts of Mac technologies, Mac OS was never licensed to use of the Operating system to any other computer manufacturers. In 1996 Apple acquired NeXt Computers. Steven Jobs developed NeXT Computers after leaving Apple. In 2001, after the return of Steve Jobs, Apple released OS X a major redesign. OS X was based on the most recent release of Mac OS and the NextStep system.

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