A Clean, Well-Lighted Place by Ernest Hemingway

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Just imagine reading a book, an article, a poem or even a movie. Now to find out there is absolutely no plot to go along with it. Everything will just seem to be a feeling of loneliness and emptiness. That’s exactly what Ernest Hemingway portrayed when he wrote A Clean, Well- Lighted Place that takes place in Spain. Hemingway surely had me on my toes while reading this story.

I found Ernest Hemingway to be extremely phenomenal because he didn’t give us any of the three character’s names or what their purpose is throughout the story. I feel Hemingway wanted us to look outside the box, and read in between the lines to see the true meaning. Everything in this story is simply about absolutely nothing and the emptiness the old man felt at the bar. You begin to wonder when a person is feeling a sense of loneliness where their behavior and thoughts can lead to. I found it very interesting when the old man wanted to commit suicide and the young waiter couldn’t comprehend why. The young waiter asked the old waiter why would a person with so much money would want to do such harm (Hemingway). It just simply goes to show that money doesn’t make anyone happy and we can all feel a sense to desperation at times. The old man’s way of dealing with nothing is going and drinking at the same bar each and every night.

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The old waiter was more relatable to the old man than the young waiter was in terms of feeling emptiness in society. During the story, I realized that the young man wanted to return to his wife after a long tired day at work. The old waiter knows exactly how the old man is feeling to go home in complete darkness with no one to communicate or share your thoughts with.

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