A Case Of Brown vs Board of Education

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Supreme court cases are rarely considered as only 80 cases will be heard a year with 7000 requests according to The Leadership Conference. One important case that is important due to changing history dramatically was the Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court case of the United States.

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Brown v. Board of Education was the first case to win race-based segregation as unconstitutional. This case began when Oliver Brown filed a claim after being denied admission to a white school. Brown’s main argument in this case was that that segregation was depriving important aspects of education to children, especially those of color. During this era, there was different schools under for those of color and whites that was not a violation of the separate but equal clause. Brown appealed to the United State Supreme Court by using case Plessy v. Ferguson as authority. Brown argued that this segregation violated the 14th amendment for those of color. The 14th amendment is simply equal protection of the laws to the citizens of the United States. This being mentioned, even people of color, are to be protected of their rights. The important question was if public school segregation deprive children from equal education? After review, the supreme court finalized their majority opinion that it was a violation of the 14th amendment. This case had officially abolished separate but equal slogan.

Majority Opinion:

The supreme court had decided in favor of Oliver Brown v The Board of Education. The law regarding this issue has been changing throughout time. For instance, before segregation,

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