A Career Path in Environmental Engineering

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Choosing a career path can be challenging at any age, but it is especially important for young adults to choose wisely when it comes time to make decisions regarding the future. When it comes to choosing a career, it is important to research different career paths and narrow down a career option along with planning for the future. Environmental engineering has a demanding job description, requires multiple levels of education, but it has a positive outlook for jobs.

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The job of an environmental engineer is to research along with planning for the prevention, control, and repairing of environmental endangerments (OwlGuru.com). An environmental engineer can be working on as little to no projects to multiple projects at the same time. These projects could be studying the effect of oil spills on marine life or collecting data and making regular environmental reports.

The typical schedule of an environmental engineer revolves around reviewing, updating and maintaining things like plans, reports, permits and operating procedures. Along with those duties they also inspect and investigate industrial and corporate buildings to ensure those companies are following proper environmental regulations. Some engineers have extra jobs included in their regular schedules like training new staff, helping with data collection or general office work. After graduating high school, it is important to not only have a college chosen but also a career to pursue. With most careers comes more years of schooling and environmental engineering is no different. To become an environmental engineer, it takes a minimum of four years of school to get a bachelors in either civil or environmental engineering. Many schools offer bachelor programs, “bachelor’s programs in environmental engineering usually offer a range of classroom,

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