A Business Report on Artin Child Care Company

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Executive summary Artin Child Care Company provides day services from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. They care for children from infants to preschools children. IT provides safe and convenient place for kids to improve their skills under supervision of expert people. Artin Child Care Company intends to provide high quality services by hiring expert staff. The company provides organic foods to kids and piano class and swimming class for kids above 2 years old. Company’s aim is to enhance their position in north London child day care market by providing their employees with an honest and supportive working environment, where each employee can devote themselves to providing excellent service to the customers. Parents will be sure that their kids are in safe place which improves kids’ skills. Business Introduction Company background: Artin Child Care is a new company intending to enter the child daycare business. The company concept was developed over a period of one month by several business associates having many years of experience in the child daycare industry. The two owners decided to establish this company and provide higher quality in compare with other child care companies in the aria. Shareholders are educated in child psychology and business. The Child Care Company serves organic healthy food and hold swimming and painting classes, piano courses and hand craft classes. Product and service: Artin Child Care is a new established company which has two shareholders who decided to provide day services to infants to preschool kids (Maximum 6 years old). The company is located close to university and it is a good opportunity to absorb customers who study in that university and have kids. The hour work of company is from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Therefore employee parents can use this service as well. The services include indoor games, outdoor games, swimming pool, piano classes, painting classes, hand craft classes and food. Size of the business, office equipment and personnel: There is a 1,800 sq. ft. house in a quiet, residential neighborhood. The yard is fully fenced in, to ensure no one can either come in or wander away. The yard will be furnished with safe, entertaining toys; some sand ground that kids can play safe. It has a swimming pool on the second floor as well. The house is equipped for serving meals and rainy-day’s activities. It also contains toys, games, and books for the entertainment of the children. The company is fully furnished with sofas, beds, TV, closets and it has fully equipped kitchen with two chefs. There is five staff that works with kids; each staff is responsible for six kids. The company hired two swimming instructors (one of them is life guard), one piano instructor, and one hand craft instructor. The total number of staff with two cleaners and one manager is sixteen but some of them work hourly. Staffs who deal with kids are mature and educated and have first-aid certificate. Organizational Plan Ownership and shareholders: Artin Child Care is owned by John Adams and Suzy Sians.

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