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NTPC: AN INTRODUCTION NTPC Limited, is a power-generating company in India, was incorporated to increase development of power in the country. NTPC’s core business is the areas cruital like construction, power etc It also provides consultancy to companies in India and abroad in the areas of power plant construction and power generation. It has set new standards for the power industry, in the areas of both power plant construction and operations. The Government of India has even identified NTPC as one of the ‘Navratna’ (which means ‘nine jewels’) companies of Indian public sector. The backbone of NTPC is its human resource. NTPC believes in achieving organisational excellence through its human resources and beilieves on “People First” approach to leverage the potential of its 800 – strong workforce (as of 31 March 2014) to fulfill its business plans with turnover of 40 crores The HR function of NTPC has formulated an strategy which is integrated and have four main pillars: Building Competence,Commitment to customer for quality, significant work culture, and best work system. Culture Building and Systems Building to be a family of committed world class professionals making NTPC a learning organization”. The bedrock of excellence of NTPC lies in its focused human resource development objectives, which can be summarised as follows: 1.To enhance organizational performance by institutionalising an objective and open performance management system. 2. To align individual and organizational needs and to develop business leaders by implementing a career development system. 3.To enhance the commitment of employees by recognising and rewarding high performance. 4.To build and sustain a learning organisation of competent world-class professionals. 5.To institutionalise core values and create a culture of team building, empowerment, equity, innovation and openness, which will motivate employees and enable the achievement of strategic objectives. Industrial relations in NTPC are usually cordial and harmonious (https://www.icmrindia.org). Workshops for employee representatives are held at regular intervals at the national as well as regional levels, to sensitise them to opportunities, threats and challenges facing the company as it operates in an uncertain business environment. Workshops also reiterate employees’ significant role in synergising the potential of human resources – the sole differentiating factor of competitive advantage in today’s knowledge-based economy. An overview of the organisation structure of manufacturing unit of NTPC is Issues Discussed in Various Meetings Interviews of employees of the Plant revealed that the issues raised and/or discussed in various meetings include the following: union finances, union agendas, workers’ welfare progress, annual seminars to be organised, fee structure in the schools of the township, drinking water for the workers in the township, wages/salary considerations, decisions regarding dual pension, wage reconsideration for workers on muster roll, communication through newsletters and magazines, transparency in EWA proceedings, required improvements in the complaints and suggestions system, pension schemes, promotion and transfer of employees, effectiveness of union functioning, maintenance of roads, housing facilities, safety of workers in the sub-station, maintenance of roads in the township, beautification of parks, organisation of sports meets, improvements in school infrastructure,

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