A Business Plan for Just In Time Caring

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Executive Summary Objectives Mission Keys to Success Organization Summary Company Ownership Location and Facilities Services Management Summary Market Analysis Target Market Other Service Providers Contact US EXECUTIVE SUMMARY JUST IN TIME CARING LTD is Health and Safety Consultancy designed to help reduce accidents at work, increase productivity, enhance employee morale and help businesses to retain high quality employees. Proper Risk Management is about practical steps to protect people from real harm, not bureaucratic back covering. JITCL keeping in mind the need of work place health and safety in United Kingdom, will offer professional services to every size of business no matter from a small shop to corporate clients. OBJECTIVES The objectives of JITCL are: •Establish healthy and safe systems of work for employees. •Increase revenue, by expanding the Target Market to nearby areas in quarter 4 of Year 1. •Increase client base, by getting efficient and effective Marketing Strategy. •Implement new advertising campaign. •To generate sufficient profit to finance future growth and to provide the resources needed to achieve the other objectives of the company and its owner. •To grow the business at a rate that is both challenging and manageable, leading the market with innovation and adaptability MISSION The short term objective is to start this company quickly and inexpensively, with a minimum of debt. The long term objective is to grow the company into a stable and profitable entity that the owner can easily and comfortably manage. KEYS TO SUCCESS JITCL’s keys to success and critical factors for the next three years are:

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  • Development and implementation of a successful marketing strategy/plan to employers.
  • Recruitment of experienced medical and administrative talent.
  • Commitment to continuously improve the quality of service.
  • Demonstrate a financial return on investment.
  • Commitment from Senior Management

ORGANISATION SUMMARY JUST IN TIME CARING LTD is committed to providing customized services to meet the occupational health and safety needs of area businesses and industries in its target market. JITCL is based on the belief that healthy employees are more productive and efficient. For this reason, it provides wellness strategies and programs to businesses. This combines promotion of total health–body, mind and spirit–designed to facilitate positive lifestyle changes of a company’s work force.

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