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A BRYANT HOMES CASE STUDY   1 The hard system approach can answer both qualitative and quantitative approach. Hard systems are totally hard in nature. This approach can produce clear solutions to problems (Tutor2u.net, 2014). In Bryan Homes case, hard approach is used as the company build a specialized sales system be setting up a website that allows floor plans, room’s selection to name a few. There were also virtual walks for the houses. The problem that Bryan Homes faced was communication problem. Communication was poor between regional offices and branch offices. It needs a more efficient and streamlined system that can provide efficiency to the business. . Today every organization is looking to do marketing of its products to generate sales. The competition is huge in the market. In order to compete, organizations have to work really hard to bring fruitful results to the organization. There are two market approaches available to choose from. One is direct marketing approach and the other one is Indirect Check / Audit Systems should be used to monitor the performance at the business model at each and every level. It can identify the errors promptly. These strategies will help to cater the customers effectively. Bryan Homes has developed intranet for accurate flow of information through sales center. Thirteen regional offices along with one hundred twenty housing developments will be connected. The website aims to help the customers in every possible way. They are providing filtering facility to customers to make best choices. The company is following a direct approach for selling their products. They were a giving a precise information of their products to customers. Bryan Homes also developed CDS known as, Bryant Homes product portfolio. They were digital portfolios that aimed to guide the customers through the help of digital brochure. The customer can view the room from every zone they desire. They give the customers 3D view of the whole home. The company did massive advertising to increase sales. They are working hard to provide superior customer service. Lastly, Bryan Homes can do SWOT analysis. It will help him in analyzing the strengths, weakness, threats and opportunities. This will be used to reflect the internal and external elements in the company. This information will be used to meet organization goals and performance. The company can use its strengths to overcome the threats and weakness. Company will try to eliminate its weakness with the help of its employees. 2

Soft System

Soft system approaches is used in organizations to tackle messy situations. With the use of soft approach, the organization can deal the problems easily. There are seven stages of SSM that the organization needs to implement. SSM can bring one final solution for the problem (Answers.com, 2014) that is faced by the company.

We are implementing seven stages of SSM approach on Bryant Homes for evaluating their marketing strategy.

Stage 1- the situation is problematic– Unstructured Bryant Homes is one of the biggest names in the real estate industry.

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