A Brief History Of The Governmental Fraud

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        This paper will give the readers a brief history of the governmental fraud of what is currently happening and how does governmental fraud impact on economy. Government accounting is another ball game altogether where a lot of things like frauds happens all of a time. It will tell what are the issues of governmental fraud and what are the governmental frauds that currently happens as a huge issue. This research paper will help to examine frauds in local government by illustrating whether a local government’s control to its incidents of fraud. We would synthesize to have better understanding of a fraud that highlights the most issue that impact the economy negatively. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) studied in 2009 about the impact of weak economy based of off the numbers of frauds that the being detected by CFEs, called Occupational Fraud. Throughout the whole research paper, it would define what are the issues and what caused them to do fraud and how might the government solve. Many large corporation fraud led to many certain illegal things like cheating, etc. About 49 percent discovered a huge money loses due to fraud. Even though government shouldn’t be cheated by other but still fraud can be by misusing the very standards that are supposed to protect the public’s interest.

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Fraud is often defined as wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain. The impact of fraud ranges from financial loss to declines in organizational performance, credibility, and public confidence. As a result, risk management strategies and internal control systems should be implemented, monitored, and modified as necessary by management and governing bodies. Prevention and detection. Have you ever heard the saying, Don’t be that guy? Well in this case, Don’t be that government. In a recent study, 1 government and public administration was the second most likely industry to be impacted by fraud. A finding from that study showed the presence of anti-fraud controls is associated with reduced fraud losses and shorter fraud duration. Management and those charged with governance are responsible for ensuring these controls are in place. This article will explore common fraud schemes and provide prevention and detection controls that can be put in place to help mitigate fraud risk.


There are many types of frauds in government make by govt. servants and also ministers.In research now a days fraud ratio increase in govt. sector.Research fraud explain by current issue given below


Recent cases of research misconduct


In April 2016, a former University of Queensland professor, Bruce Murdoch, received a two-year suspended sentence after pleading guilty to 17 fraud-related charges.

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