A baseball player Jackie Robinson

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To the public eye Jackie Robinson was just a baseball player who helped desegregate professional sports, though this is not the case. Jackie Roosevelt Robinson was a Decorated American Veteran, Actor, Civil Rights Activist, Professional Baseball player, and an American Hero to the unheard American population. He has been the subject of controversy, and a prime example of fearlessness, his essence showed the power of actions without uttering a single word.

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Although Jackie lead our nation through difficult times through his position as a baseball player, he also deserves to be recognized for his many other great achievements. His presence in professional baseball broke the color barrier, which also led to many other professional sports, organizations, and even the military to desegregate.

Robinson was born in the small town of Cairo, Georgia, but his family moved when he was 6 months old to a predominantly white neighborhood in Pasadena, California after his father had abandon them. This new neighborhood happened to be a more progressive, and a more forward thinking place out of the deep south, which had basically been untouched by the great depression. During this time, Jackie’s mother, Mallie, had worked many odd jobs to support her family. The Robinson family’s arrival to the west coast was met with just as much racism and hatred as would be expected. Mallie, however, was a no nonsense woman who did not antagonize the whites who lived in their neighborhood and had won over the respect of many of them after years of living there. Jackie wrote my mother never lost her composure, as well as the fact that she didn’t allow us to go out of our way to antagonize the whites, and she made it perfectly clear to us and to them that she was not afraid of them and had no intentions of allowing them to mistreat us. This had affected Jackie later in his life as he had to deal with racism as he tried to break the color barrier in America’s favorite pastime.
In his younger years, Robinson attended John Muir High School where he was inspired to take up sports by his older brothers. This is where Robinsons freakish athleticism came into play. During this time Jackie lettered varsity all four years in Baseball, Football, and Basketball as well as track and field, and by the summer of 1935, he had established himself as the most versatile of the muir terriers. (Rampersad 36) After high school Robinson continued his career at Pasadena Junior College where he also played those same sports.

As a young man Robinson was known to be very aggressive and violent against racist individuals. Jackie even got into a rock throwing fight with a middle aged white man over the fact that his daughter called him the N-word,

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