19th Amendment – Women’s Suffrage

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I can’t believe that we still can’t vote even after the amendment was presented to congress in 1878. I just can’t wait. Susan said.

At least you have some men fighting for the 19th amendment with you, like me. replied Kermit .

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Well, I guess Susan began that’s good. I just wish that all the states would ratify the 19th Amendment already.

Well you always can’t get what you want, you know. Many American women were resisting the notion because they think the classic woman is pious, and submissive wife and mother concerned with only home and family. Beatrix said

How could you not want to be able to vote? You should be able to have your own opinion on who should be elected. Susan said angrily.

You should be glad that the person to first introduce the 19th Amendment was a man. That might have been because the women were afraid of getting sent to jail for giving the idea to Congress. Kermit replied

I just wished that we didn’t have do to do this because it’s so unfair because most of the men don’t want us women to vote so they could control the votes and who gets elected. Susan declared.

What are you going to do about it instead of sitting on your bottom and talking about it? Beatrix replied with anger.

I’m going to go out there and protest with all those women

Are you still going to do it now? Beatrix and Kermit said in sync questioning her.

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