1984 Essay Physical Mental Changes

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1984 Essay People have changes that occur to them all the time whether they are physical or mental changes. These changes can be for better or worse. Changes are a result of an experience faced by one. 1984 is a book all about changes and that occur and how people react or transform from these changes. Winston is a different type of person from who he is after his pivotal experience. Winston changes from a rebel who is trying to find a way to destroy the government to a person who loves the government. This change is a direct effect of Winston’s pivotal experience. In the beginning of the book Winston Smith is an average man of his time that goes to work and, lives in a house with a telescreen, and can only do what Big Brother allows him to do. It is evident that Winston has suspicion toward Big Brother and the government. Orwell reveals Winston’s feelings towards Big Brother while he is in his workplace in the Ministry of Truth. “His pen had slid voluptuously over the smooth paper, printing in large neat capitals DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER…. Over and over again filling half a page. ” (19). This shows that Winston wants the government to be overthrown right away, and to write something like this in his workplace is a big risk , but he does it anyway. Winston is trying to find out the truth behind Big Brother and the government. After this event Winston begins to commit more though crime to rebel against the government and find the truth. He commits thought crime by writing in a diary which he hopes one day will be read by others that feel the same way. He is hoping for more people to feel the same way so they can join together and take down the government. He has cryptic encounters with a man that works with him, O’Brien a member of the inner party. “We want to join it (Brotherhood) and work for it. We are enemies of the Party. We are thought criminals. ” (140) This is said by Winston to O’Brien when they are discussing the Brotherhood and the government. By this statement it is positive that Winston wants to take down Big Brother.

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