18th Century Furniture Piece Analysis

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The eighteenth century is represented by a variety of furniture styles. The eighteenth century represents the period of making cabinets. The artists who specialized in furniture were highly trained to ensure that they can create various designs of furniture that different suite interest.

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Diverse furniture designs were made in the 18th century (Martin, 2017). Frick Collection provides the great art collections in the furniture in the eighteenth century. The arts are present in Henry’s mansion in the New York City. The 18th-century furniture styles include Queen Anne, William, and Mary, Sheraton, Adam, and Chippendale among others (Liu, Cionca & Timar, 2015). A visit to Frick’s collection helps in the identification of the various pieces of art in the 18th century. The furniture in the 18th century was more finished and highly sophisticated in design. France contributed the styles in the early half of the 18th century while the latter half furniture was influenced by England. The furniture designs greatly influenced the appearance of the cabinet. This paper analysis the furniture designs in the 18th century taking into consideration the artworks in the Frick collection. Frick was one of the most influential American industrialists and housed various sculptures, western paintings and decorative arts that show the various furniture designs that were present in the 18th century (Gray, 2014). He had about sixteen permanent galleries that indicated the origin of every piece of art and the periods that they were famous. Frick rarely exposed his interests concerning the paintings and his first interest concerning artwork was known in the 1880s (Gray, 2014). Frick’s house, the mansion, and the works serve as a great monument of the American art today. Majority of the art paintings concerning the furniture in the 18th century serve as great decoration in America. Hepplewhite was among the furniture in the 18th century. Hepplewhite was introduced and popular between 1780 and 1810. The style is known to be similar to the Thomas Sheraton styles and is neoclassic.

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