Analysis Of The Color Purple

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Genesis Cuevas Eng/queer Lit346 Professor Schneiderman November 30, 2018 Paper # 3- Putting it all Together Throughout Alice Walker’s The Color Purple’ she uses two opposite characters such as Celie and Shug Avery who come together when abuse takes place. Both of these characters epitomize a characteristic that in some way brings them together. Shug represents an independent and bigoted character.

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While Celie is represented as compliant and low self-valued individual. Although most reviewers identify the Color Purple as a novel about a woman who hates black men, the main idea should be viewed as how Celie finds herself through an unexpected lesbian relationship. Critics mention that the whole objective of this novel is to make black men look bad, as Celie is accused of betraying black men to be lesbian.

However, this novel undeniably depicts Celie’s journey to liberation through her self discovery with Shug, that could have resulted in her distasteful feeling towards men after continuous abuse. Despite critics considering The color purple to be the main proposition to disfavor black Men, the main focus should be Celie’s self-growth. As critic Aide Edematiam mentions in her review She was accused of betraying her race, of hating black men, of damaging black male and female relationships, of being a lesbian ( Despite Celie unexpectedly forming an intimate relationship with a woman, Celie endures unending abuse from men throughout her life. The men throughout her life never displayed an ounce of love to Celie but taught her to feel unworthy by calling her ugly and beating her repeatedly. Then comes Shug. Although Celie’s first impression of Shug we very cruel, as the first thing Shug tells Celie is ?you sure is ugly’ (p.44), she comes off as a pessimistic individual. Subsequently, it then becomes clear to Celie that Shug is truly a caring and warmhearted individual.

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